Flora & Fauna 

My work is currently exploring contemporary ideologies of a modern day woman, from a female’s perspective. What does being a woman mean as it is being redefined by generation Y, social media, self-care advocates and well-being activists…. 
The aesthetics of what beauty is, more importantly what a beautiful woman is is changing rapidly. With countless social media accounts advocating body imperfections, championing our vulvas, breasts, bottoms, stretch marks, flab, belly rolls, body hair, emotional vulnerabilities, self-image struggles, self-worth battles and celebrating our sexual liberty, sexual proclivities and sexual self-exploration, being a woman in 2018 has been a very fascinating thing.  
In this work I wanted to rediscover this new type of woman, examining new approaches to self-image, redefining how not only we see one another as women but more importantly how we see ourselves. How do we relate? What do we relate to? I have looked back extensively to a lot of Pagan ideologies and primitive tribal attitudes towards women within community/ tribal groups. I have taken a lot of the symbols, patterns and representations from various ancient cultures into my work almost as a way of paying my respects to my own ancestral female counterparts. 
This work is almost like re-writing well told stories, for modern day children to adopt a much healthier understanding of the importance of the woman in contemporary society and how to embrace a stronger relationship with ourselves as women. In a way I am re-imagining the old outdated perspectives of the ideal woman which comes from the male standards and now rebuilding the image of what the ideal woman is from a females standard. 
I have created a Utopia for women within these new works and here the female figures can explore and celebrate their sexual power, primitive urges, their strengths, weaknesses and their individual sources of power. 

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Born 1987 Co. Wexford, Ireland.


Lives and works in Co. Wexford, Ireland.



B.A. (Hons) Degree in Fine Art Painting, (First-class Honours,) National College of Art & Design, Ireland, 2012


Solo Exhibitions
Flora & Fauna, RHA Ashford Gallery, Dublin, Ireland January 2019 

The Divine Feminine - An Ongoing Body of Work, The Amber Springs, Co. Wexford, Ireland, 2017 

Two Person Exhibitions
Flesh and Soul, BYCR Gallery, Milan, Italy, November 2013

Group Exhibitions
Papercuts, group show, ongoing pop up exhibition, Saatchi Gallery, November 2018

Process Art Gorey, Gorey School of Art, Wexford, August 2018

Still Life, Wexford Arts Centre, Wexford, June 2018 

Group Show, Milk Gallery (in assoc. with STP,) New York, U.S.A, January 2018

Strangelands, Collyer BristowGallery, London, U.K, June 2017

The 25th Annual Hermione Hall Exhibition, Alexandra College, Dublin, Ireland, Febuary 2017

Papercuts, group show, ongoing pop up exhibition based in London U.K, 2016 

Locorum, group show, Gorey Civic Square, Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland, July 2016

The Marmite Prize For Painting V, group show, Block 336, Brixton, London, U.K, June 2016

Peripheries: Between the I and the Hand, group show, Gorey School of Art, Wexford, Ireland, August 2014 

Tales of the Unexpected, group show, Transition Gallery, London, November 2013 

Offspring, group show, Gorey Civic Square, Wexford, Ireland, August 2013

New Order: British Art Today group show, Saatchi Gallery, London, U.K, April 2013

Salons d’Exploration group show, The Back Loft, Dublin, Ireland, January 2013

Saatchi Gallery & Channel 4’s
New Sensations Award shortlisted artists group show, London, U.K, October 2012

R.D.S Student Art Awards group show, Dublin, Ireland, August 2012

N.C.A.D. Graduate Degree show, Dublin, Ireland, June 2012

You’re Not On The List group show, Project Space NCAD, Dublin, Ireland, May 2012

Lady Windermere’s winter group show, The Back Loft, Dublin, Ireland, December 2011

Applause group show, Moxie Studios, Dublin, Ireland, May 2011

RHA Unselected Show, The Bad Art Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, May 2010

Humour of… Youth, Gorey School of Art group show, Wexford, Ireland, May 2009


Name of Publication: Four Essential Visual Art Exhibitions to see In Ireland  this week, June, 2018  
Author: Aidan Dunne 
Show Reviewed: Still Life 


Name of Publication:  ArtMaze Issue #6, featured artist, winter 2017
Author: ArtMaze Magazine 

Name of Publication: Whats on in Wexford - The Divine Feminine, March 2017 
Author: Irish Arts Review 
Show Reviewed: The Divine Feminine 


Name of Publication: In The Picture, Amanda Doran, Painter, March 2017
Author: rteculture.ie 
Show Reviewed: The Divine Feminine - An On-going Body of Work


Name of Publication: Go Figure! Amanda's Work Rocks! March 2017
Author: lovegorey.ie
Show Reviewed: The Divine Feminine - An On-going Body of Work


Name of Publication: Amanda's Art Springs to Life, March 2017
Author: Maria Pepper
Show Reviewed: The Divine Feminine - An On-going Body of Work 


Name of Publication: Amanda At The Amber Springs, March 2017
Author: Fintan Lambe
Show Reviewed: The Divine Feminine - An On-going Body of Work 


Name of Publication: Fresh Irish painters: 10 under 30 to watch, January 2017
Author: Cristin Leach 

Name of Publication: Winning Ugly, Feburary 2016
Author: Cristin Leach

Name of Publication: Flesh and Soul: Neo Punk and J Pop Show in Milan, November 2013
Author: La Repubblica XL 
Show Reviewed: Flesh and Soul


Name of Publication: Tales of The Unexpected, October, 2013
Author: Tribe Magazie
Show Reviewed:Tale of The Unexpected 


 Of Girly Paintings and the Art Market, Newspaper Reviews and Phizmongers, June 2013
Author: Billion Journal (Online)


BRITISH ART TODAY - Christine Jun on the fat of the land at the Saatchi Gallery's New Order show, May 2013
Author: Christine Jun
Show Reviewed: New Order: British Art Today 


New Order: British Art Today – Saatchi Gallery, April 2013 
Author: Robert Dunt
Show Reviewed: New Order: British Art Today


Amanda Doran, April 2013
Author: Robert Armstrong
Show Reviewed: New Order: British Art Today 


Lecool – lefriday, January 2013
Author: Georgia Corcoran
Show Reviewed: Salons d’Exploration

Ceri Hand Gallery Blog - Saatchi New Sensations & The Future Can Wait followed by RA preview, October 2012
Saatchi New Sensations


Gorey Guardian – Off To Exhibit in London, October 2012

 aMUSE Magazine – State of the Art, October 2012

The Sunday Times Culture Magazine- Aiming for a Big Sensation, September 2012, 

Irish Arts Review (cover) – Sensations & Great Expectations, September 2012

Shitlist Audio/visual Review of Dublin Degree Shows 2012http://vimeo.com/44323990

 Future Proofing the Arts – The Irish Times, June 2012


Paul Funge Artist in Residency Programme, Gorey School of Art, 2018

Shortlisted for The Marmite Prize For Painting V 2016

Shortlisted for Saatchi New Sensations Award 2012

Shortlisted for The RDS Student Art Awards 2012 

Shortlisted for Saatchi New Sensations Award 2012

AXA Insurance Purchase Award 2012


Saatchi Collection, London, U.K.

AXA Insurance Collection, Dublin, Ireland.





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